Lady Gaga to star as Fortnite Festival’s next featured artist, beginning this week


    Get ready to jam out and chase some victory royales, Little Monsters: Lady Gaga is set to be the next featured artist in Fortnite Festival.
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    Fortnite’s musical mode, a la Rock Band and Guitar Hero, is getting its second season of content later this week and it will feature Gaga. The Grammy-winning musician made the announcement herself on Twitter on Feb. 20.
    The Weeknd was first, Gaga is next. Screenshot by Dot Esports
    Set to begin on Feb. 22, the second season of Fortnite Festival will add a new Festival Pass, a slew of new jam tracks, new cosmetics, and a lot more. All of it will feature Lady Gaga, who already appeared in-game as a jam track with her song “Bad Romance.”
    Season one of the new mode featured The Weeknd, and the shop included several of his songs along with a Weeknd skin that had several variants, Fortnite Festival instrument skins, an emote, and other cosmetics like a weapon wrap, pickaxe, back bling, and more. It’s expected that Gaga’s offering will be similar.
    Fortnite Festival kicked off a huge Chapter Five in Fortnite, which added other new games to the platform like LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing, alongside an all-new map and season of the popular battle royale game type.
    Lady Gaga’s announcement tweet was especially hilarious as it was a callback to a years-old Twitter post from 2019 where she asked “what’s fortnight” when many users were spamming her to play the battle royale game with Ninja.
    I think she knows exactly what “Fortnight” is now. The new season of Fortnite Festival will begin on all platforms this Thursday, Feb. 22, so Little Monsters everywhere should queue up the update and open their wallets if they’d like to play as Gaga and jam out to her songs in-game.


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