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Massive Global Shortage of Lionel Messi Merchandise as Adidas Fails to Keep Up With Demands Ahead of FIFA World Cup Final

Published 12/17/2022, 6:00 AM EST
This edition of the FIFA World Cup has been full of surprises. From surprising match results to controversies, we’ve seen them all. After all these years, it’s now safe to say that Lionel Messi is one of the ‘Greatest of all time’ to ever kick a soccer ball.
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The soccer legend, Messi, has been wearing the No. 10 jersey for over a decade now. Having created such a legacy, whenever a soccer fan thinks of the No. 10, they automatically think about Lionel Messi.
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It’s an honor for every Messi fan to own one of those iconic No. 10 jerseys. Recently, it was reported that Adidas was running behind schedule to keep up with the ongoing demand for the No. 10 Lionel Messi jersey.
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Are Lionel Messi jerseys out of stock?
It sounds crazy, but it is true. The German sports brand, Adidas, is finding it difficult to cope with the ever-rising demand for Messi’s No.10 Argentina jersey. People from around the world have also complained that the Messi jerseys are already out of stock and unavailable. From the looks of it, the worldwide stocks of the iconic jersey are considerably depleting, while in some places already stocked out.
Angry fans then began to point fingers at the Argentine Football Association. According to Marca, the AFA, harassed by complaints, came out a few days ago: “We can’t do anything about it, although it’s in our interest to sell more. It is a matter of Adidas and there are problems in the country that affect them, such as the obstacles to imports and the lack of manpower, as well as the high level of public anger.”
Adidas then explained by saying that it was impossible to suddenly increase the total amount of jerseys we regularly produce overnight to cope with this unreal demand. However, the German brand is currently working against the clock to try to meet the gigantic demand for the iconic jersey.
Messi leaving behind a legacy to remember!
Honestly, it’s no surprise that the world wants to purchase the iconic jersey. The former Barcelona veteran is playing his final game for Argentina. Messi set a club record by winning 35 trophies with FC Barcelona.
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Those 35 trophies included four UEFA Champions League and ten La Liga titles as well. Having achieved everything at club football, the world now feels that the soccer legend deserves a World Cup trophy before he ends his international career.
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Will Messi finally win a FIFA World Cup or will Les Bleus win it for the second time in a row? Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below.



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