International Federation of Sports Climbing Grants Palestine Social Club’s Membership Across Global Contests


The international governing body, IFSC, has extended membership to the Palestine Social Sport Climbing Club Association (PCA). The landmark decision will give Palestinian climbers access to international competitions.
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It signals a milestone in their pursuit of both sporting and national recognition. A thriving and skilled community now gets the chance to compete on the global stage. On Tuesday, the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) made history by unanimously approving the inclusion of climbing associations from Palestine, Bolivia, Guam, and Nigeria.
Palestine climbing goes international
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This vote will be formally approved at the IFSC General Assembly in Chile next month. This decision is a significant step forward for inclusivity in the sport, giving athletes from diverse backgrounds a chance to compete and demonstrate their abilities. Palestine’s admittance is particularly noteworthy, as its climbing community has faced challenges in gaining recognition.
From humble beginnings in 2014, when two Americans set up a small indoor climbing gym with a non-existent community, to going international, the journey was long. They set up the first outdoor gym with the help of a grant and now have over 170 climbing routes. Wadi Climbing, their gym, developed a thriving climbers community that is reaping the benefits of their dedication.
Climbing journalist Andrew Bisharat praised the IFSC’s decision to acknowledge the determination of Palestinian climbers who triumph over various challenges. “A testament to the incredible work and passion of the Palestinian climbing community,” said Bisharat.
With the international climbing community eagerly expecting official approval, the admission of Palestine signals the beginning of something new. However, qualifying for the upcoming Olympics remains challenging, with two qualifying events in Shanghai and Budapest. Nonetheless, the PCA’s inclusion is a massive decision, paving the way for Palestinian athletes to compete globally. A tough road lies ahead The inclusion of Palestine honors the contributions of its President (Hiba Shaheen), Vice President (Tawfiq Alnejada), and Secretary General (Thaer Sharaf) and celebrates the association’s impact within Asia. Come March 22, there will be massive cheer amongst all the climbers. The release of “Resistance Climbing,” a documentary that premiered at Reel Rock, brought attention to Palestinian climbers. The film focuses on climbers’ experiences seeking refuge and liberation on their homeland’s cliffs. It went a long way in speeding up the process and highlighting the community’s current state. Polish Climbing Duo Seizes Comeback on 6200 Meters Trango Tower in Second-Time Winter Ascent After Two Years According to the IFSC’s 2024 calendar, the first international competition begins on April 8. It is the IFSC Boulder Climbing World Cup in Keqiao, China. The competition will take place at the Shaoxing Keqiao Yangshan Climbing Center. Palestine’s newly granted international climbers will be eager to enter the arena and showcase their prowess. The announcement has garnered worldwide attention as climbers from Palestine prepare to compete alongside climbers from other nations. The climbing community eagerly anticipates the athletes’ journey to surpassing physical obstacles and breaking barriers in international sports.
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