Banished from Congress, George Santos to be featured in HBO flick by ‘Veep’ alum


    Long Island’s lying ex-rep George Santos is about to be something of a movie icon — and no this isn’t another one of his fake backstories.
    HBO Films has optioned the rights to a book published last week detailing the truth-challenged rep’s short-lived political career.
    Santos (R-NY) was expelled from Congress on Friday after a scathing ethics report alleged that he “blatantly stole” campaign funds and used political dollars for OnlyFans and Botox.
    The upcoming silver screen flick has been billed as a “forensic and darkly comic look” at the now-former lawmaker.
    To tell the curious tale of young Santos, HBO will tap Frank Rich to executive produce its rendition of “The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos,” which was released on Nov. 28.
    4 George Santos insists he is the victim of an unfair process. AFP via Getty Images
    4 Critics paraded around a giant inflatable balloon of George Santos while pining for his ouster. Getty Images
    Mike Makowsky, from HBO’s “Bad Education” will write the Santos flick, with the book’s author Newsday columnist Mark Chiusano consulting, Deadline reported.
    “Could not think of a better team for this. Legends @frankrichny, who has worked on some of my favorite shows, and @mike_makowsky, whose BAD EDUCATION is a perfect Long Island movie,” Chiusano posted on X.
    “The story of a seemingly minor local race that wound up a battle for the soul of Long Island, and unexpectedly carved the path for the world’s most famous (and now disgraced) congressman,” the film’s logline says, Variety reported.
    “The Gatsby-esque journey of a man from nowhere who exploited the system, waged war on truth and swindled one of the wealthiest districts in the country to achieve his American Dream.”
    4 HBO has not divulged key details of when it plans to release the flick. NurPhoto via Getty Images
    A specific release date and cast has not yet been announced.
    Santos gave Republicans one of their few pickups in the 2022 cycle, flipping New York’s 3rd Congressional District red.
    Soon after his election victory, revelations emerged that he fabricated large swaths of his personal biography such as claiming he attended Baruch College and had a career on Wall Street.
    4 With George Santos gone, the House GOP majority has narrowed considerably. AFP via Getty Images
    He is currently facing a 23-count indictment for alleged embezzlement and misleading of donors.
    Santos was ejected from Congress Friday in a 311 to 114 vote with 105 Republicans backing the effort to oust him, making him just the sixth member of the House of Representatives to be expelled in US history.
    He has publicly announced he won’t pursue reelection.
    However, Santos has refused to go quietly. Now that he is out of the lower chamber, the former Empire State rep is striking back.
    Santos has vowed to furnish multiple complaints against his former peers to the House Committee on Ethics Monday.


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