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23-Year-Old Surfing Sensation, Who Had ‘Prepared for Death,’ Proved Science Wrong With a 32-Hour North Atlantic Survival in 2017

Published 01/04/2023, 3:45 PM EST
Surfing has always been considered a deadly sport. The entire community had witnessed countless moments when the mighty waves became a death threat. There have been various unfortunate accidents that took the lives of surfers. However, surfing has also given some miraculous moments. One such moment was recorded in 2017 when a 23-year-old surfer survived for 32 hours in the ocean.
So what exactly happened with Matthew Bryce, the young surfer, when he went on to surf that day? Let us find out.
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The waves dragged Bryce inside the ocean
It was a bright sunny morning when Matthew Bryce went to hit the waves on the beach of North Lanarkshire in Scotland. However, the aspiring had little idea of what was coming ahead. The heavy wind and strong current swept him away into the middle of the ocean. The 23-year-old did his best in paddling, but his strength was much less in front of the gigantic waves. “The wind was just relentless”, he said.
Bryce further revealed that the waves kept dragging him inside the ocean. As the sun kept setting down and his hopes were fading away. However, he saw a chance when a fishing boat passed away. However, the sailors didn’t hear his screams. Bryce kept following the shipping lane, hoping to get noticed.
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As he kept paddling, the hopes were going away. The Scottish surfer continued to swim the next day, but there was no sign of assistance. According to a 2017 report by BBC, Bryce thought that he would never make it to see the other morning. “I knew. I wasn’t going to make another night, so I was watching the sunset” Bryce revealed. However, things later changed drastically.
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The miraculous turn of events
While there was no sign of ships, a helicopter flew over Bryce’s head. The surfer didn’t want to let go of the last chance for survival. Bryce revealed that he jumped off the board and held it up high. The helicopter nearly missed him but soon turned and came to the rescue. The surfer mentioned that the feeling was overwhelming, as he couldn’t believe the sudden change in his fortune.
The 23-year-old was rescued after spending 32 hours in the big blue ocean. The authorities found him 13 miles off the coast.
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The surfer’s mother kept praying for his son’s well-being. After spending two days and a whole night in the middle of the ocean, seeing the helicopter was the most beautiful sight for him.



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